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#1 Guest_pbc3199_*

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Posted 02 July 2004 - 03:39 PM

Sapa tau apa mende e-Government ni? member aku ada cakap pasal 7 flagship e-government. tp, satu pun aku tak tau ape mende 7 flagship ni.....
sapa2 yg tau bley citer sikit tak??? mana la tau dpt interview ngan kerajaan.

#2 Guest_Mr_Hfz_*

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Posted 02 July 2004 - 04:13 PM

kalu nak tau...search dalam google...MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor)..so ngko akan th apa itu 7 flag ship....

apepun aku ada bg utk tatapan rohani..


About the Flagship Applications

To accelerate the objectives of Vision 2020 (to transform Malaysia into knowledge based society), a path has already been defined through seven innovative Flagship Applications. These applications are engineered to jump start the MSC initiative and create a multimedia utopia for innovative producers and users of multimedia technology. Consortia of both local and foreign companies work with various government agencies to enhance the socio-economic development of Malaysia. The Multimedia Super Corridor offers a Malaysian initiative for the Information Age. The Flagship Applications are:

1. Electronic Government
2. Multipurpose Card
3. Smart School
4. Telehealth
5. R&D Clusters
6. E-Business
7. Technopreneur Development

For information on the Flagship progress and updates, click here

Electronic Government

The Electronic Government initiative was launched to lead the country into the Information Age. It will improve both how the government operates internally as well as how it delivers services to the people of Malaysia. It seeks to improve the convenience, accessibility and quality of interactions with citizens and businesses; simultaneously, it will improve information flows and processes within government to improve the speed and quality of policy development, coordination and enforcement.

The vision of Electronic Government is a vision for government, businesses and citizenry working together for the benefit of Malaysia and all of its citizens. The vision focuses on effectively and efficiently delivering services from the government to the people of Malaysia, enabling the government to become more responsive to the needs of its citizens.

The 7 pilot projects of the Electronic Government Flagship Application are as follows;

1. Project Monitoring System (SPP II)
2. Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
3. Generic Office Environment (GOE)
4. Electronic Procurement (EP)
5. Electronic Services (E-Services)
6. Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX)
7. E-Syariah

Multipurpose Card

The National Multipurpose Card seeks to develop a single and common platform for a Multipurpose Card (MPC) that will enable the government and private application providers to implement smart card solutions without duplications of effort and investment. Initially, the MPC is implemented through the GMPC and PMPC projects. As a result, MyKad and Bankcard are the products developed for the GMPC and PMPC initiatives.

The objectives of the MPC Flagship Application are:
• To provide the government and payment application, and other future applications on a single MPC platform;
• To provide enhanced services to customers; and
• To enhance security and convenience of existing and new applications delivered on the MPC platform.

MyKad developed by the National Registration Department (JPN) and private ICT developers that create a common platform for smart card solutions. The card is embedded with a security enhanced 64K microprocessor chip that is multifunctional across varying systems. MyKad applications are:

1. National ID
2. Driving License
3. Passport Information
4. Health Information
5. Touch N Go
6. MEPS Cash
7. ATM
8. Public Key Infrastructure

The GMPC project is developed in two phases – the initial pilot roll-out for an estimated population of 2 millions in the Kuala Lumpur, Klang valley and MSC area followed by a national roll-out. The project was successfully implemented with the issuance of 2.59 million people in the Klang Valley as of October 2002. As for the national roll-out (NRO), the project will be extended nationwide, targeted for 2005.

As one of the Multimedia Super Corridor Flagship Applications, the development and implementation of the chip based Bankcard began in 2000 with the Malaysian Electronic Payment System (1997) Sdn. Bhd. (MEPS) at the helm working together with domestic banking institutions. Bank Negara Malaysia served as the lead agency whose primary function is to facilitate the implementation. The Bankcard will spur the vision of promoting electronic payment in the country. Initially the Bankcard will contain three payment applications namely:

1. ATM
2. e-Debit
3. MEPS Cash

The use of Bankcard encourages cashless payment transaction for various sectors e.g. retail, vending machines, car parks and transport and closed community to leverage on Bankcard to use MEPS Cash as the mode of payment. It also encourages participation of business venture in undertaking merchant acquiring business.

Under this initiative of implementing multiple payment applications onto a single smart card, the domestic banking institutions pioneered the chip based electronic purse during the Commonwealth Games (SUKOM) in September 1998. The full implementation of the PMPC project (ATM, e-Debit and MEPS Cash) commenced in early 2001. In August 2002, several domestic banking institutions began their pilot rollout by issuing the Bankcard to their staff and the public. On 28 February 2003, the Bankcard was officially launched.

Smart School

The Smart School Flagship Application is driven by the need for Malaysia to make the transformation from an industrial to an information-based economy. This would call for a technologically-literate thinking workforce who is well able to perform in a global environment as well as use information age tools and technology to improve productivity. It is also a learning institution that has been systemically reinvented in terms of teaching-learning practices and school management in order to prepare students to practice self-assessed and self-directed learning focusing on individual achievements and development.

The Smart School Flagship Application comprise

1. School Teaching-Learning Materials
2. Smart School Management System
3. Smart School Technology Infrastructure
4. School Assessment System
5. Systems Integration
6. Help Desk / Support


The Telehealth initiative aims to keep people in the ‘wellness’ paradigm, through the seamless availability of health information and virtual health services thus transforming the way healthcare services are delivered and accessed. Definition of Telehealth is a multimedia network linking all players to provide products and services in health care.

The four Telehealth Flagship Application pilot projects are :
1. Teleconsultation (TC)
2. Mass Customised / Personalised Health Information and Education (MCPHIE)
3. Lifetime Health Plan (LHP)
4. Continuing Medical Education (CME)

R&D Cluster

MSC’s Research and Development Cluster (R&D) flagship application pools corporate resources and creates an environment to further promote the development of next-generation multimedia technologies. This is achieved by forging collaborative R&D efforts among leading-edge corporations, public research institutions and universities.

To catalyze R&D activities in the MSC, the following programs have been initiated:

1. MSC R&D Grant Scheme (MGS)

2. MSC Student Attachment Programs (SAP)

3. MSC Technology Forum Series

4. Collaborative R&D efforts between firms, universities and research institutes

5. Exhibitions (local and overseas)


The E-Business cluster aims to shape an Electronic Business environment competitive with the major economic powers. This cluster has an enormous potential market that could be one of the driving forces for future economic growth.

It is transforming the way in which business was conducted - it enables businesses to become more adaptive and responsive. The E-Biz aims to provide more efficient and better quality services to the community, and encourage the business and community to accept electronic business as an integral part of their daily lives.

Technopreneur Development

Since 1996, one of the MSC’s key strategic thrusts has been emphasized on the development of Malaysian ICT Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through its strategy to catalyze a highly competitive cluster of Malaysian ICT / Multimedia and other strategic high technology companies that will which can become world-class over time. The SMEs are seen as substantial contributors to economic growth as they create new wealth and job opportunities in the knowledge-based economy. As a result of MSC initiatives, as of April 2003, there were more than 1,850 Malaysian ICT SMEs compared to less than 300 in 1996.

In recognising the need to further enhance the MSC’s efforts to develop Malaysian SMEs in the ICT and other strategic high technology industries, such as ICT, Multimedia,Biotechnology and other life science industries,the Government launched the Technopreneur Development Flagship (TDF) in November 2001. The lead agency driving the Flagship is the Ministry of Energy, Communications and Multimedia with Multimedia Development Corporation acting as the implementing agency for the Flagship.

The core objectives of the Flagship are to:
1. To spawn and nurture a critical mass of strategic high technology industries such as ICT, M, Biotechnology and other life science start-ups
2. To facilitate the growth of existing ICT SMEs into world-class companies

For more information, log on to www.technopreneur.net

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#3 Guest_arash_*

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Posted 02 July 2004 - 05:47 PM

wah..Mr_Hfz..ni copy paste nie... klu ko nak tau lebih lanjut p jer kat www.mdc.com.my..kat sini anda akan di bawa ker msc dan mdc..
maca-macam ttg msc ada....

Edited by arash, 02 July 2004 - 05:48 PM.

#4 Guest_Mr_Hfz_*

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Posted 02 July 2004 - 08:12 PM

ye laa..copy paste laa arash...aku maner reti nak terang2 ikut kepala aku sendiri... biggrin.gif tongue.gif

#5 Guest_imranamdam_*

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Posted 02 July 2004 - 11:39 PM

*tut!* lah..soalan ni ler diorang tanaya masa aku kena interview di spa semalam..sakit hati aku...kita pernah dengar telemedicine, smartcard, smart scool, egoverment dan segala bendsa tu..tau tlak specifik diorang bawah flagship tu...adoi cammana le result interview nanti.

#6 Guest_pbc3199_*

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Posted 03 July 2004 - 10:50 AM

Thanks....Mr_Hfz for the information.

Agak2, apa lagi soalan maut goverment ni???

Ada tak information pasal Sekolah Bestari?

#7 Guest_Mr_Hfz_*

  • Tetamu

Posted 03 July 2004 - 06:41 PM

1. pasal isu semasa
2. pasal menteri - wajib ada
3. pasal technical - sangkut paut ngan kos kita

itu jee yg apa member aku cakap..nanti aku tanye lagik biggrin.gif

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